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Cooperative study programmes

Business Administration (BA)

Academic profile

If you wish to begin acquiring practical experience while still pursuing your studies, are interested in the interrelationships among various economic factors, and are good with numbers, then the cooperative study programme in Business Administration at HSW may be just what you are looking for. As a graduate in business administration, you will be dealing with the tasks, structures, and workings of business operations and analysing the multifarious dynamic interactions of internal and external systems.

HSW offers the cooperative study programme in Business Administration with the degree Bachelor of Arts (BA) in cooperation with prominent business enterprises in the following fields of specialisation:

  • Energy management

  • Financial services

  • Industry and services

The participation of business enterprises and an industry orientation play an important role, with the requirements of business enterprises and of entire industries providing an invaluable impetus for further development of the teaching programme.

At a glance

  • 1


    Bachelor of Arts (BA)

  • Specialisation

    Financial services
    Industry and services
    Taxes and auditing

  • 2

    Beginning of academic year

    Annually in August

  • 3


    Six semesters

  • 4

    ECTS points



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