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Cooperative study programmes

Business Administration and Engineering (BEng)

Academic profile

Business Administration and Engineering creates a bridge between an economics-related discipline and an area of technological specialisation. It teaches the connections among the disciplines - always, of course, in terms of how they relate to corporate goals, always with market requirements in mind, and based on a foundation of solid expertise. It also identifies personality-, study-, and practice-related success criteria that go beyond the content of traditional engineering studies.

HSW offers the cooperative study programme in Business Administration and Engineering with the degree Bachelor of Engineering (BEng) in cooperation with prominent business enterprises in the following industry orientations and fields of specialisation:

Industry orientations:

  • Energy management

  • Financial services

  • Industry and services

Fields of specialisation:

  • Energy technology

  • Glass technology

  • Production technology

The participation of business enterprises plays an important role, with the requirements of business enterprises and of entire industries providing an invaluable impetus for further development of the teaching programme.

At a glance

  • 1


    Bachelor of Engineering (BEng)

  • Specialisation

    Energy technology
    Glass technology
    Production technology

  • 2

    Beginning of academic year

    Annually in August

  • 3


    Six semesters

  • 4

    ECTS points


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