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Research & Development

Project-based studies at HSW

The interdisciplinary project-based study programme is a genuine highlight of the cooperative studies programme as well as the degree programmes for working professionals and those undergoing professional training at HSW. Small project groups consisting of between five and ten students work on a project assignment derived from the practical world. As is customary, the emphasis is on practical integration: Once the students have assimilated the theoretical knowledge for project management at HSW, they further develop their project skills and put them to the test with real problems that are encountered in practice. Numerous examples provide compelling evidence of the outstanding potential of student management consulting in action.

  • Do you have an idea for a project filed away which, perhaps because of time limitations, has yet to come to fruition?
    HSW students will readily undertake a project for you. It pays to be a member of HSW – as a business enterprise you can partake of the benefits of a project-based study programme. The student management consultants will be pleased to receive your project proposals and will readily offer their support. As an incidental result of the project-based study programme, you will become acquainted with the students at HSW, and with the university itself, while at the same time benefiting from the know-how and practice-integrating courses of study – all completely free of charge.

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